I am Comic

Movie – I am Comic
Watched on Netflix Streaming
Seen 1/27/11

Pros – Features a lot of recognizable comics talking about the process of building a set. They talk about the anatomy of jokes, rhythms, etc. In the movie, we get to see an set take shape from the first idea, a very rocky first time out, and into a pretty successful set.

Cons – Hard to really say. Some of the comics aren’t to my taste, but it isn’t really about the specific comedy, more about the process. I think the biggest con is actually a pro – Carlos Mencia talks about joke stealing in a pretty IMO surprising way.

Overall – It was really interesting to see how important the word choice and delivery is to transform a funny thought into a successful joke.

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Tales from the Script

Movie – Tales from the Script
Watched on Netflix Streaming
Seen 1/25/11

Pros – It’s a fairly honest discussion between screenwriters about how the Hollywood machine makes and breaks good scripts.

Cons – This movie was pretty meh. It’s an interview documentary of a lot of screenwriters talking about the process of writing a script and then getting it made. Some of the scripts discussed are IMO garbage though, and the writers are pretty sensitive about it.

Overall – Not a must see, but worth seeing if you are interested in the process of getting a movie made.

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A Piece of Work

Movie – A Piece of Work
Watched on Netflix Streaming
Seen – 1/25/11

Pros – Behind the curtain look at the life of Joan Rivers. Shows a little bit of her history and what she’s doing now. I never considered her a feminist before watching this movie, but it is amazing what she has done to break down barriers not only for women in comedy, but all women. Also, you get to see her take on a heckler.

Cons – It’s kind of sad to be Joan Rivers. She says in the movie, that she is an actress playing the role of Joan Rivers the comedienne. You get to see the toll her persona takes on her. Its easy to forget to forget that she’s a fragile old lady when she’s being skewered and roasted, but the movie shows how much all of that really hurts her.

Overall – I really liked the movie, and I highly recommend catching it on Netflix streaming. Joan Rivers isn’t my favorite celebrity personality, but she is still very important to the history of American pop culture.

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A Doll’s House

A Doll’s House
by Henrik Ibsen
Read on Kindle for iPhone

“A Doll’s House” was written in 1879 and is widely regarded as the first true feminist work.

Pros – A short play with very few characters and a very straight forward style.

Cons – It’s hard not to read this play with modern sensibilities and the rights and privileges of modern women in mind. Also, as it is a short play you don’t get a long time or a lot of information to form opinions of the characters. You have to make snap judgments based on first impressions – which is also hard to do without considering modern sensibilities.

Overall – I really love this story. Nora is still a character that modern women can relate to. She sacrificed so much of her own comfort for her husband and was shown absolutely no gratitude only condescension and disdain. A modern reader might not agree with her actions at the end of the play considering what modern options she would have available to her, but I still consider her to be a very inspiring feminist character.

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Three Days to Dead

Three Days to Dead
by Kelly Meding
Read the paperback
Finished 1/19/2011

From Publishers Weekly
Slain supernatural bounty hunter Evangeline Stone is mysteriously brought back to life in the suicide-scarred body of Chalice Frost in the thrilling opening pages of Meding’s urban fantasy debut. Evy’s fellow hunters, thinking her a traitor, drive her relentlessly through a gritty urban landscape populated by a diverse collection of gargoyles, trolls, gnomes and other strange creatures as she tries to unravel the reasons for her original death, unlikely resurrection and fugitive status. With her would-be lover, Wyatt, and Chalice’s close friend Alex as her only remaining allies, doomed to die again in just three days, Evy is forced to seek assistance among her former informants and enemies. Evy is a distinctive heroine, but explosive action scenes don’t compensate for the muddled mystery, and an unwieldy cast dilutes the impact of her original approach and promising setting. (Dec.)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Pros – The action starts on the first page.

Cons – Too many creature types and too many characters. It feels like it was aiming to be an epic battle like the Newborn battle in Twilight-Eclipse. But that book was 3rd in the series so you were a lot more invested in the story and you had 1000 or so pages to meet everyone. This book tried to squeeze that amount of investment into 300 pages, and I don’t think it worked.

Overall – The story isn’t bad, I just didn’t care very much about what happened to anyone.

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Oklahoma City National Memorial

The Memorial to what happened April 19, 1995 at 9:02 am.

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A Perfect Getaway

Movie – A Perfect Getaway
Watched on – DVR
Seen – 1/17/11

Pros – The movie knows that it is a killer loose in the woods “thriller” and doesn’t try to be artsy about it. The twist was pretty good, and surprising enough that I wasn’t calling it from the first 10 seconds of the movie. But not so surprising that it came out of left field. The end was the perfect amount of cheesy, too.

Cons – It takes a while to get started. The movie spends a lot of time setting up who the possible killers are, and it’s a little bit heavy handed.

Overall – I recommend the movie. It doesn’t get gory until the very end. The rest of the movie you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian scenery while trying to guess who the killer is.

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