Once A Month Cooking – Cooking Day Minus 1

Cooking Day-1 is about getting ingredients together and preparing your kitchen. I do the majority of the shopping on this day except for the produce items which I pick up on Cooking Day morning at the Farmers’ Market. Normally, I would finish the grocery shopping on Cooking Day-1, but today I forgot my list and I’ll have to swing by the grocery store tomorrow after the Farmers’ Market to pick up a few things that I forgot.

After I unload the groceries, I go through the refrigerator and reclaim any containers that are hosting zombie leftovers. Hopefully it’s just a few containers, since part of the program is to portion out the meals so that zombie leftovers are avoided. Then I pull out all the containers I’ll be using from the cabinet and find all the lids. If you have trivets, pull them out too. If you don’t, pull out a few extra dish towels or hot pads and lay them out. Check your knives, if they need to be sharpened get to it. This is also the time to wipe down the refrigerator shelves if they’re getting sticky. Not really part of the OAMC, but helps keep cleaning the refrigerator from being a huge project.

At the end of Cooking Day-1, run the dishwasher/do all the dishes, clean out the sink, wipe down the counters, and clear off a space to let containers of food sit on to cool down.


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